WIND POWER for Local Governments

Wind power is the fastest growing source of electricity world-wide. A clean, abundant and inexhaustible energy source, wind power could provide enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 10 million homes in the US and to displace 100 million metric tons of CO2 by 2010.
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Click on the five sections below to see how your community can embrace a clean, wind-powered future:

Local Government Strategies
Five strategies that municipalities are pioneering to promote wind in their communities.
Case Studies
In-depth descriptions of cities and counties across the US that have successfully harnessed the wind.
Wind Resources Map
Average annual wind resources map of the US with links to state and seasonal information.
FAQs about Wind Power
Information and statistics on wind resources and the economics and environmental issues associated with wind power.
Other Web Resources
Annotated links to other great web resources that can help municipalities promote wind.

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Your city or county has the power to choose wind. Wind power can enhance your community’s independence and contribute to local economic development while reducing dependence on fossil fuels.